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Our Impact

Unemployment of marginalised groups in the community, is a significant economic and social problem for Australia, leading to social exclusion and strain on government services.

People with a disability and those experiencing disadvantage, experience additional barriers[1] to employment, due to a disparity between available jobs and their skills and perceived capabilities.

These barriers include:

  • Misconceptions about the skills and capabilities of people with a disability and those experiencing disadvantage
  • Mainstream employment not well placed to cater for the support needs of these groups
  • Lack of opportunities for people to gain work experience1.

Ability Works provides tailored support and employment, to people with a disability, including people with complex support needs and people experiencing disadvantage.

We provide unique work opportunities across a portfolio of work and product lines, so staff can explore different jobs and build skills.

Ability Works support includes the configuration of machinery, process aids and provision of specialised training, to address the needs and safety of our employees.

$100,000 worth of goods and services procured from Ability Works creates 5000 hours of employment. Our ambition is to grow from our current workforce of 150 to over 300 by 2023.

[1] Willing to Work; Australian Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability (2015).


Providing meaningful work

Equal access to employment (supported or mainstream) for all.
More people living with a disability and / or experiencing social disadvantage are in long term employment.
All people in employment at Ability Works have a greater sense of self-worth and connection with the community.