Ability Works Australia History Ability Works Australia History



Ability Works, originally called ROYTAL, started as a small woodworking rehabilitation workshop in 1964. Based on the grounds of the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital, Kew, Melbourne, the workshop offered occupational therapy for those with brain acquired injuries and people with disabilities.

A dedicated building was built next to the Hospital in 1970 complete with machines and tools to allow production of wood and then metal fabricated products. A packing and processing area was also geared up to take on additional employment opportunities.

In 1981 the business expanded by taking over Paraquad Industries, another workshop for people with disabilities, expanding further again and becoming a division of the Austin Hospital in 1988.

A strategy to become independent was realised in early in early 2000’S with the new entity becoming known as Royal Talbot Enterprises ( Limited) then a further name change in 2006 to the present Ability Works Australia Ltd.

Today, Ability Works continues with the two original business units of wire & fabrication and packing & assembly with the addition of Records Scanning (2019) and Inclusive Design (2020).

Ted Woods – Board Member


Losing an arm and a leg, and sustaining permanent damage to a hand and foot would of been a traumatic, life-altering setback for anyone… but not Ted Woods.

Roytal Sheltered Workshop opens


ROYTAL Sheltered Workshop opens for woodworking rehabilitation therapy of brain injury patients and people with disability…

New dedicated building


New dedicated building for manufacturing and process lines built to allow for expansion.

Take Over – Roytal takes Paraquid


Roytal Sheltered Workshop takes over Paraquad Industries and expands processing department.