Where can I go for work experience?

Students with disabilities may find it difficult to find an appropriate work experience placement. Not all employers are equipped to provide meaningful work experience placements. Ability Works Australia can provide suitable work experience options.

Work Experience can be organised for students or participants (e.g. those from school, TAFE or Adult Training and Support Services) who are interested in developing their skills and getting a taste of life at work.

This is normally arranged through a student’s/participant’s school or lead organisation. Work experience normally runs for around one to two weeks and can take place during a school holiday period or any other time of the year.

In a number of cases, a period of work experience at Ability Works Australia has provided students with one of their first steps towards obtaining future employment.


Students must:
•  Be aged over 16.
•  Have a desire to work.
•  Apply themselves to the best of their abilities.
•  Work safely and follow all the workplace rules.
•  Be willing to be part of a team and accept direction.
•  Have a disability.
•  Attend to their own self care needs (including medication).
•  Travel independently.
•  Have the consent of their host school/organisation and

Job rotation.

Participants will find that they are provided with an opportunity to try a number of different jobs during the work experience period.

Getting a feel for a real work environment


Support and training.

Supervisors and Workplace Support and Training staff will assist participants whilst they are at work. This might include on-the-job training, encouragement to try a new process or task, or help with other work related matters. Teachers/Support Workers are also welcome to visit in order to review an individual’s progress.


A public bus runs to and from our premises Click here for a timetable.. Taxi services can also be arranged.

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Other benefits.

•  Students perform real work in a real work setting.
•  Pay (as per Work Experience Arrangement).
•  Opportunity for participants to develop confidence and work
•  Opportunity for participants to eventually secure employment
   with Ability Works Australia or other employers.

Contact us to arrange work experience in a structured and supportive environment.

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