Philosophy and Mission.

Ability Works Australia trains, supports and employs people with disabilities. We strive to be a dynamic, customer driven, diverse and competitive organisation.

Ability Works Australia aims to meet this mission by:

   •  Continuing to build on our reputation as a quality
      organisation and further strengthen our existing key
      customer relations in our wire products, brushware,
      contract packaging & assembly work.

   •  Ability Works Australia considers that further opportunities
      for commercial expansion exist but are not restricted to
      the following areas – service based industries; employment
      brokerage; accredited training; workplace competency
      assessments; logistics management; outsourcing, niche
      manufacturing and import replacement.

   •  Ability Works Australia firmly believes its dual focus can best
      be served through the continuing development of key
      customer relationships and strategic alliances. Ability Works
      Australia is committed to the concept of continuous
      improvement and Quality Assurance.

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Employment, training and support

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