Supported employment designed to provide real work opportunities.

Working at Ability Works Australia is exciting and challenging. Individuals have the opportunity to work in several different areas. These include Packaging and Assembly, Brush Manufacturing, General Engineering and Warehousing.

When operating in these areas employees have a chance to use a range of machines and equipment, as well as using their manual skills to make an array of products.


Employees at Ability Works Australia must:

   •  Have a strong desire to work.
   •  Apply themselves to the best of their abilities.
   •  Be willing to be part of a team and accept    
   •  Work safely and follow all the workplace rules.
   •  Meet Centrelink’s eligibility criteria.
   •  Have a disability.
   •  Attend to their own personal care needs  
      (including medication).
   •  Travel independently.

Employment Plans.

Employees and staff work together to develop a plan that outlines their employment goals. These might include learning a new job, taking on more responsibility or doing some training.

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Employment and Training Support


Job rotation.

Supervisors, Workplace Training and Workplace Support staff make sure that employees spend their time doing lots of different jobs. Employees enjoy the variety and this helps to make Ability Works Australia a safe and productive place to work.


Ability Works Australia is happy to offer part-time work options to its workforce.


A public bus (the “609” from the Kew and Fairfield areas) runs to and from our premises. Click here for a timetable.

Click here for a site and location map.

Other benefits.

   •  Earn award based wages.
   •  Develop social networks.
   •  Holiday, RDO and personal/carers leave entitlements.
   •  Develop independence and a sense of purpose through

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