Ability Works Collection Tins

Collection Tins

Our popular metal collection tins are robust, secure and ideal for your next fundraising event. All cans are customisable with your branding, single use and come with coin/note drop zones. Security chains can be fitted for point of sale applications. Sequential identification of cans can be arranged for tracking purposes. Rattle this can and be heard!

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Ability Works Metal Fabrication

Wire Trays & Baskets

Our made to order trays, meshes and baskets are used across the building, cabinetry, general manufacturing, food and medical industries. We design new products and produce small goods transport cages, hanging frames, safety guarding and product componentry. Coating and stainless steel options are available. Our manufacturing capabilities comply with industry standards and deliver the highest quality products.

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Ability Works Plastic Pails

Plastic Pails

An alternative to the classic collection tin, this plastic pail comes with the option of a standard top or a quick drop one which can be ideal for roadside collections. Bases are reusable and the tops are single use once security seals are broken. We can customise labels for your next fundraising event and sequential identification can be provided as well.

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Ability Works Brushes


We produce a variety of assembled twisted wire brush and cap options for the chemical, plumbing and engineering sectors. Our brushes are suitable for a wide range of bottle sizes and applicable to both plastic and metal containers. Synthetic fibre or horse hair bristles can be supplied to order. A choice of brush lengths and cap styles are available.

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