Learning on the job for people with disabilities.

Ability Works Australia offers a range of employment options for people with disabilities. These exist primarily within the organsiation and can also lead to external opportunities . For those interested in obtaining a job in the open labour market, we assist employees with learning and developing work skills and ethics that are transferable to other work environments.

The right jobs for the right people.

We work closely with all employees in order to develop the right employment option for them. We will refer those individuals who are ready to undertake open employment to specialist “Open Employment” job services within our area.

For those who choose to join a specialist Open Employment service, Ability Works puts into place a 24 month “Safety Net” arrangement.

This means that if for some reason the open employment opportunity does not work out, an employee can return to Ability Works Australia without delay at any time within 24 months of their departure. They can continue learning and improving their employment skills through our on-site employment and training.

Employees wishing to return after this 24 month time frame are welcome to do so through the standard application process.

Applying workplace training


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