Supported job training and employment placement for people with disabilities.

Ability Works Australia offers a range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. These include working across manufacturing, packaging and warehousing areas. It is possible to work part-time, and to combine Supported Employment with other day programs. Training and support is provided to assist all employees to maximise their potential.
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Training and support on the job


Work trials.

The Work Trial program is designed to allow an individual a “trial” period on the job at Ability Works Australia. This normally runs for around four weeks. Individuals get a chance to try many different jobs. A successful Work Trial can lead to an offer of permanent Supported Employment.
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Pathways to Open Employment.

Ability Works Australia offers a range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For those interested in obtaining a job in the open labour market, we assist employees with the development of work skills and ethics that are transferable to other work environments. We work closely with all employees in order to develop the right employment match to specialist services within our area.


Work Experience.

Targeted towards students/participants (School, TAFE and Adult Training and Support Services) with disabilities, a range of Work Experience options are available. Times and duration of placements are negotiable but typically last for around two weeks. Participants are provided with many opportunities to try an array of tasks, and to get a feel for a real work environment.

Workplace Competency Assessments.

Workplace Competency Assessments provide individuals and their lead agencies with an insight into the current skills and attitudes that are demonstrable in a real work setting. Ranging from one day to four weeks in duration, individuals are invited to work in a range of settings and undertake a variety of work. A comprehensive written report is provided which details the individual’s work performance.


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The provision of employment assistance services to people with disabilities is funded by the Australian Government under the Disability Employment Assistance Program.

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