Workplace Competency Assessments.

Workplace Competency Assessments (WCA) provide Employment, Rehabilitation and Support agencies with an opportunity to place a client within the Ability Works Australia environment and have their current work skills and abilities assessed.

WCAs can run from as little as one day, or up to four weeks. A comprehensive written report is provided to the lead agency, which details not only the type of work that was completed by the client, but also the way in which the work was completed, including work based attitudes and ethics. This is a fee for service arrangement.

The assessment places Australian agencies in the position of being able to make informed decisions relating to the future vocational options and job capacity for the people that they are supporting.

Eligibility for assessment.

Clients must:
   •  Be committed to the process, including a willingness to
      be assessed.
   •  Have a desire and capacity to work.
   •  Have a disability or experience barriers towards job seeking
      and/or employment (e.g. long term unemployment).
   •  Attend to their own self care needs (including medication).
   •  Travel independently or with support from the lead agency.
   •  Be willing to be part of a team and accept direction.
   •  Work safely and follow all the workplace rules.

Who Assesses?

Assessments are completed by and under the guidance of staff who have over 20 years experience in the Business Services sector and who hold Disability specific, Industry Assessment and Post Graduate Psychology qualifications.

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An individual's work capacity is assessed

What Type of Work is Available?

Clients will be asked to undertake a variety of job tasks in a range of environments. These areas can include Packaging, Brush Manufacturing, General Engineering and Warehousing. Placements can be tailored so that work in a particular area, or of a certain type (e.g. Fork Lift operation) can be focused upon.

Support and Training to increase clients’ employment capacity.

Supervisors and Workplace Support and Training staff will assist clients throughout the process. Key components of the assessment process include the ability of the client to adjust to new situations and to learn new tasks. An appropriate level of assistance is provided to clients at all times, including on-the-job training and assistance with other work related matters. We also liaise closely with lead agencies during the assessment period.

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