Industrial wire baskets are just the beginning.

Our wire basket and tray manufacturing is of the highest quality and complies with all industrial and engineering standards. We can either take on your existing orders or we can design any new product you have.

Our expertise includes wire welding, bending and forming and we can also arrange wire coating. Please also see our brushware division for a range of other products and opportunities.

Innovation across general engineering.

The engineering and manufacturing team at Ability Works Australia has produced plastic coated wire products for whitegoods manufacturers and the cabinet trade. We have also designed stainless steel products for the medical and health care sector.

Read more about our commercial innovations and how our creative team respond to any manufacturing or design challenge presented to them.

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An array of wire and metal products


Testimonial: Concept Wire. 

Services: Wire Fabrication, Bending and Packing Services

Concept Wire is a supplier and manufacturer of wire products including: Straight and Cut Wire, Curtain Hooks, Metal Buckles, Wall Ties, Wire Wickets, rings and a multitude of formed wire products.

"In a highly competitive market, we seek to provide “value added” products for our customers. The services of Ability Works are key in being able to obtain wire fabrication, bending and packing services, which allow us to remain competitive in our markets. The management and supervisory teams of Ability Works, do a brilliant job of working with the supported employees who demonstrate an amazing level of commitment and energy to any task undertaken.

We value being able to fulfil our own corporate social responsibilities through the use of a supported employment service such as Ability Works and are pleased to be able to encourage other businesses to speak with Ability Works about the range of solutions they can offer to businesses." -
Dave Langley

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