Ability Works Australia offers a range of exciting and challenging employment opportunities for people with disabilities. These include working across manufacturing, packaging, logistics and warehousing areas. Working arrangements can be flexible and tailored to meet your needs.

Your time with Ability Works can also be combined with other activities that you are currently undertaking or may wish to in the future. Training and support is provided to assist all employees to maximise their potential and develop their skills. Employment options can be long or short term as we also assist people to take the ‘next step’ in their employment development.

Employees are trained and supported to use a range of machines and equipment. These can include packaging machines, shrink wrappers, welders, benders, scales, computers, counting machines and more. There are also opportunities to be trained up to drive our fork lift. In addition to using equipment, there are opportunities to apply and develop your manual skills to wrap, fold, assemble, label, collate and pack a wide range of items for our many customers.

Employees and staff work together to develop a plan that outlines your employment goals. These goals might include learning a new job, taking on more responsibility, doing some training or planning for your next job after Ability Works.

Supervisors, Workplace Training and Workplace Support staff make sure that employees spend their time doing lots of different jobs. Employees enjoy the variety and this helps to make Ability Works Australia a safe, interesting and productive place to work.

Ability Works Australia is happy to offer part-time work options to its workforce. You can also work ‘part’ days in some cases.

Supervisors, Workplace Support and Training staff will assist employees as may be required. This might include on-the-job training, encouragement to try a new process or task, or help with other work related matters. Referral support is provided to employees who might need non worked related assistance. Ability Works has connections with many community based support services that can be called upon as may be needed.

  • Earn award based wages
  • Develop social networks
  • Annual leave, RDO and Personal/Carer’s leave entitlements
  • Develop independence, confidence and a sense of purpose through employment

The NDIS is creating new opportunities for people with disabilities and this includes across the area of employment. Most of Ability Works’ current employees have transitioned to the NDIS. We will continue to support the transition of our current employees and applicants as NDIS activities progress throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area over the next couple of years. If applying for a job with us, you will likely need to have an NDIS plan that includes ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’ as part of your support arrangements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this and any related matter. We look forward to providing employment services to you as part of your NDIS journey.

Employees at Ability Works Australia must:

  • Have a strong desire to work
  • Apply themselves to the best of their abilities
  • Contribute to the production environment
  • Be willing to be part of a team and accept direction
  • Work safely and follow all the workplace rules
  • Meet relevant funding related eligibility criteria (DSS/NDIS)
  • Have a disability
  • Attend to their own personal care needs (including medication)
  • Travel independently (Ability Works is accessible via many options including public bus or taxi)

A public bus (the ‘609’ from the Hawthorn/ Kew and Fairfield areas) runs to and from our premises. Click here for a bus timetable. Taxi services can also be arranged. Car parking on site is available and the site is also accessible to bikes and pedestrians.

Please click here to contact our Workplace Support area to find out how you can join the Ability Works team. We’d really enjoy having the opportunity to show you around and discuss the opportunities that we could share together.

Supported employment at Ability Works is part funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


Doing business with us, is a win/win for everyone – you, us and Australia. Every job is tailored to your needs, quality controlled and cost-competitive. And every job gives us the opportunity to provide ongoing and meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

For more than 50 years we have provided a supportive and engaging workplace that is commercially focused whilst giving our employees structure, dignity, social connection and purpose. We are here to make a difference to the lives of our workforce and to develop their potential.

We work with organisations big and small such as Transurban, the University of Melbourne, Spring Racing Carnival as well as many start-ups. Support our Australian-made solutions today and know that you are giving back to people who really value the work.


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