Opportunities for private and corporate philanthropy.

Ability Works Australia is proud to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. The organisation does so whilst operating its "business" arm in a highly competitive commercial environment. The support gained through philanthropic activities bolsters our ability to make our stand as an employer of people with disabilities and as a provider of "outsource solutions" to the wider business community.

We are delighted to offer others the chance to support our employees and our work in general. To enquire about private and corporate philanthropy opportunities available with Ability Works Australia, send us an email or feel free to call us to discuss.

One-off or regular

The easiest way for some people or businesses to engage in philanthropy is to simply make one-off or regular cash donations. All donations to Ability Works Australia (a not for profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status) over $2.00 are tax deductible. It's a quick, easy and much appreciated way to exercise your corporate philanthropy muscle!

Making it work together!

Helping us to make it work!


Bequest options.

You can make a significant and lasting difference to our employees and workplace by remembering Ability Works Australia in your will.  You can leave either a fixed dollar amount, a fixed percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate after remembering other beneficiaries.  If you were interested in this option, please discuss this with your solicitor or feel free to phone or email us to discuss this further.

Funds received directly contribute to the ongoing employment, training and quality of working life of our employees with disabilities.

We appreciate your consideration and the prospect of having your partnership across the important work that we do.

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