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Albi Imports

Checking and Rectification of Place Mats Description: Albi Imports is based in Preston, Melbourne Victoria and offers an extensive range of kitchenware, ceramics, decorator accessories, tabletop and textiles ranges. Albi products are sold in 1000 department, specialist and independent stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. The original job specification was to quality check the place mats and remove any reject product. Yet, the Ability Works Operations team came up with a method of saving reject products by rectifying them. In this instance the product was a place mat which had a manufacturing problem. There was sticky residue on one side of the place mat. The product was rectified by applying a layer of talcum powder on the tacky surface and wiped clean. Then a protective sheet was placed on the top of the new smooth surface. This was a fantastic outcome for Albi as they managed to save their entire product that would have otherwise been 90% rejected!

Metal Flex air conditioner duct tubes rectification.

Metal Flex distributes air conditioning and heating products to private buyers and to large companies. This is an interesting job as it gave the Ability Works Australia Operations team an opportunity to use their creativity to find a solution for our client’s problem. Metal Flex had received a batch of defective product from their suppliers. The individual air ducts tubes were stuck together and needed to be completely opened up in order to be fit for purpose. Ability Works Australia made a “Cone” unit which was used to open the plastic ducting tube. The cone unit was made up of a hose which blew compressed air into the duct tube so it would fully open up. Once the tube was completely open, the stretched duct tube was then rolled into a deliverable parcel. As a result of this process, 95% of the defective goods were recovered!

Victorian Cytology Services.

Assembly of Slide Holders for cervical cytology tests

Victorian Cytology is a government funded pathology laboratory and is primarily responsible for reporting cervical cytology tests. It is the single largest laboratory reporting Pap tests in Australia examining approximately 300,000 Pap smears per year.
Ability Works has been working with Victorian Cytology since early 2006 with the assembly of their slide holders for cervical cytology test. An individual card is folded per sample provided. Then there are 5 staples made and the cards are bundled into batches of 2500.

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University of Melbourne Zoology Department

Assembly of Artificial Seaweed Units Description: At the University of Melbourne, the Zoology Department focuses on teaching students a diverse range of topics from the structure and function of the cells that make up animals, through anatomy and physiology, reproduction and development, evolution, ecology and behaviour. Ability Works had the pleasure of working with the University of Melbourne with the assembly of their artificial/simulated seaweed units which were used for an experiment in Port Phillip Bay. The task was to cut mesh sheets into individual unit sizes, attach 220 lengths of ribbon to metre square unit followed up by making up 12 sea anchor prototypes.

Victorian Racing Club‐racing‐club

Packaging of Race Day Gift bags Description: Flemington is the best‐known racecourse in Australia. It is the oldest continuing metropolitan racecourse – there have been races there every year since 1840. Every year Ability Works packs a wide range of diverse gift bags for the Spring Racing Carnival.


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